Long Island Paver Firepit

Outdoor living doesn’t only happen during the day. During the summer the days are longer. So we get to stay outside longer. Once the sun fades away you don’t have to rush inside. Enjoy the evening in your yard with a custom fire-pit. Having a Long Island Paver Firepit will make your evenings much more enjoyable.

When designing your Long Island Paver Firepit there are many things to consider. The size of your firepit. The shape of your firepit. The height and materials to be used. And of course, safety concerns as well.

Cambridge Pavers offers firepit kits. Your Long Island Paver Firepit company, City Wide Paving and Masonry can help you to decide which is best for your home. We can hep you to tie the Long Island Paver Firepit into your current patio or incorporate it into your new patio build. We can also build a completely custom Long Island Paver Firepit for you.

Firepits can be fueled by typical wood sources. They can also be fueled by piped gas, which burns much cleaner. This makes sitting next to the fire on a cool spring evening a pleasure, without the smoke!

Contact your Long Island Paver Firepit company today to see how we can build your firepit! From firepits to fireplaces, City Wide Paving and Masonry has you covered!

Long Island Paver Firepit – City Wide Paving and Masonry