Nicolock Unilock Cambridge Pavers Installations

Nicolock Unilock Cambridge Pavers Installations

When you are considering a Paver Stone Project, it is important to consider using the best materials available today! Many contractors will tell you they use the best materials and then buy knock-off products and take off all labeling prior to arrival on the job site. This practice is completely unacceptable!

Citywide paving and Masonry uses only the highest quality materials for each and every job. We want our customers to be happy with their purchase forever. Not just for the day they make their final payment! By using poor quality pavers, your project may look good for a few years, but you will quickly begin to see the pavers lose their colors and even begin to crumble in water prone areas.  This does not occur if you use quality materials.

“Do it once, do it right”

Citywide uses paver stones from manufactures such as Nicolock, Unilock, Techo-Block and Cambridge.  Why do we use these manufacturers while others use no name brands? Well, you see, when you notice your cheaper paver patio beginning to fail, the companies who used them are happy to come and do repairs. They get to come back and make even more money off their customers. And this extra money is for inferior product! Citywide prefers to give you top quality product the first time around. “Do it once, do it right” we say.

Contact a professional who ises professional material. For your Nicolock Unilock Cambridge Pavers Installations in Suffolk County, call Citywide!